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Roof Lights to Help Beat the Winter Blues

Roof Lights to Help Beat the Winter Blues

Roof Lights allow additional natural light into buildings. Buildings which are installed with roof lights and make the most of the hours of daylight are examples of how a built space can improve our wellbeing. We are now approaching the Winter Solstice and December is the darkest month of the year. Increasing your exposure to natural light is one factor in beating the “winter blues.”

Getting the Right Roof Lights for Your Building and Lifestyle

Creating a space that is flooded by natural light can make a room look and feel lighter and more spacious. Architects and designers use roof lights to direct natural light to enhance interior spaces.  Increasing natural light via roof lights could be a factor in helping to increase serotonin, the hormone which makes us feel good.


Natralight have a variety of products to improve natural light, ventilate a space or allow access to roof terraces and gardens.

Flat Fixed Roof Lights are a cost effective standard window, perfect for loft conversions. Allows light into the roof space to make the space functional as a room.

If you are considering Walk-on Type Roof Lights, they are perfect for allowing light through a balcony. Or perhaps you want to create a roof terrace which still allows natural light in to the storey below.

Need access to a roof terrace? Box-Type Roof Lights will create a stunning entrance to a roof garden or terrace without compromising the natural illumination to the building.

Natralight have three types of Flat Sliding Roof Lights to choose from. Whether you need extra ventilation or an opening big enough to allow access, there’s a solution for you right here!

Hinged Roof Lights allow you to open the roof windows wide open and let all that lovely fresh air and light in on sunny days!

Natralight supply accessories for roof lights too. The self-cleaning kit will make maintaining the glass easy. Don’t worry if you lose the remote control key fob to your roof lights: we’ve got the replacement right here.

Choose Natralight for Roof Lights

Natralight are the roof light specialists. We offer a five year warranty on glazing for our roof lights. Standard products are available to order, but if you have a project which requires a bespoke roof light solution. 

Natralight utilises state of the art CAD design to create beautiful and practical glazing. With over fifteen years in the natural light industry and competitive prices, contact our team today to discuss your requirements.