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Roof lights Made in the UK from Natralight

Roof lights Made in the UK from Natralight

Roof lights from Natralight are made from high technology materials and manufactured here in the United Kingdom by our team of highly skilled engineers. We have installed them in a diverse range of properties across the country. For those who are looking to maximise their space in London by gaining access to a rooftop, or those building their own rural idyll with a rural barn conversion, to a standard installation in an urban terraced house roof. With decades of experience in the build and installation of rooflights whether your property is a modern home or has a lot of history attached to it. We have a wide choice of rooflights which are perfect for your build and budgetary requirements.  

All Types of Roof lights from Natralight

Rooflights, even standard made ones have a wide choice of specifications and benefits.

Sliding Roof Lights are popular because they have the benefit of enabling additional ventilation. A Bi Parting Sliding Rooflight makes the most of a restricted or compact roof space area. The Full Sliding Rooflight allows the optimum opening but requires more roof space to do so. The half sliding rooflight is perhaps the most familiar to many with the moveable glazing sliding over a fixed pane.

For those creating a roof terrace on an existing flat roof or as part of a single storey extension. Walk On Roof Lights have the structural and glazing strength to hold the weight of people while allowing light into the space below. An excellent solution for locations with limited outside space.    

For More About Roof lights

Choosing the correct rooflights for your project is an important consideration, which is why we can provide you with all the technical and performance information to help you make your decision. For further details regarding their manufacture and installation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts are here to help you find the right glazing solution for your home or business.