Self-cleaning coating kit

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Price on application > Enter your bespoke requirements below

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The application of Ritec Clearshield protects the glass from staining and discolouration, making it easier to clean and keep clean.

The nature of rooflights can make them difficult to reach and clean but with the ClearShield self-coating cleaning kit provides a solution that greatly reduces the need for cleaning. This product can be applied to any of our glass rooflights. 

Cleaning glass can be time-consuming and very hard work, with many types of dirt attaching it to the glass which can cause unsightly marks with stains spoiling their appearance and clarity. 

ClearShield acts as a lasting barrier on the surface of the glass and prevents grime and other residues from bonding with the glass. 

Benefits Self-Cleaning Coating Kits

  • Creates an easy-to-clean, low-maintenance glass surface.
  • Highly effective and durable.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Maintains glass clarity, all-round visibility and cleanliness
  • Reduces cleaning time, effort and frequency
  • More light means enhanced well-being
  • Keep your glazing looking brand new and sparkling and staying clean for longer

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