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Do I Need Planning Permission for Rooflights?

Do I Need Planning Permission for Rooflights?

Many homeowners are looking to convert and increase the value of their homes instead of moving with the addition of rooflights. 

This coupled with the desire of how affordable it is to renovate, makes conversions much more appealing to the average homeowner.

Flooding your home with natural light will reduce the need for artificial lighting, which saves you money on electricity bills and creates the illusion of having more space. 

Here we will talk you through the Planning Portal and Building Control Approval regarding the installation of skylights. 

What is the Planning Portal?

The Planning Portal is an easily accessible directory run by the UK government that contains information on planning and building regulations. This should be one of the first places to visit when you have decided to renovate your home in any way.

The portal is updated weekly with the latest news on planning and developments plus it can offer advice to homeowners who do not have a construction background. 

Regarding rooflights, the Planning Portal states that there is no need to apply for planning permission as long as the following conditions are met -  

Glazing installed must protrude no more than 150 mm above the existing roof plane

No alteration can be higher than the highest part of the roof or stand out above the roof ridge

Side-facing windows are to consist of obscure glazing for privacy purposes and should not be openable unless 1.7 metres above the floor

Do I Need Building Control Approval?

Inserting a roof window into your existing roof is classed as a material alteration, as it is technically a structural and/ or thermal alteration. External windows or doors are a 'controlled fitting' under Building Regulations, with certain standards outlined in the Regulations need to be met when a window or door is replaced. 

To avoid any confusion using a competent installer, such as Natralight, means you get peace of mind about Building Regulations before work begins. 

Talk to Trusted Rooflights Installers

If you are looking to add rooflights to your property, contact Natralight today for a free no-obligation quote. We can also offer you all the advice you need regarding Building Regulations and Building Control Approval.