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Maximise living space with a boxed rooflight from Natralight

Maximise living space with a boxed rooflight from Natralight

Boxed rooflights offer an innovative and stylish way of breathing fresh life and light into a property. If you have an existing roof terrace, the unique design also provides the perfect solution for creating easy access to the terrace. 

With living space often at a premium, especially in highly populated urban areas, roof terraces have increased in popularity in recent years as property owners and architects look up to maximize living space and to create new opportunities for creating green spaces.

Here at Natralight, we specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing boxed rooflights which are tailored to the property in question, ensuring safe access to the terrace above whilst also complementing the aesthetic of the property. 

Our Boxed Rooflights

We offer a range of boxed rooflights to ensure that we have something to suit any size and dimension. All our designs feature four glazed walls, ensuring that the rooflight gives you maximum levels of natural light, and we also use industry leading materials for the frames to add that all important touch of long-lasting class to your property.

Below are just some of the boxed rooflights that we currently offer, with a host of benefits included -

Access Boxed Rooflights

Our sliding access boxed rooflights help to keep the design of your home or property consistent by allowing the staircase handrail to continue right up to the rooftop terrace. The fixed vertical panels also provide a balustrade to the perimeter of the opening.

This type of boxed rooflights is electrically operated using a sliding box control system with added battery backup when required as well as a keypad entry, safety edge sensor, a rain sensor and a remote control.

Lean to Boxed Rooflights

Lean to boxed rooflights are considered a contemporary design option. Very stylish, our lean to option gives you glazing that looks fantastic from the inside and outside of your property.

This type of boxed rooflights can also be available in 5-6 weeks from the Natralight team. 

Talk to the boxed rooflights specialists today

Based in the Midlands and boasting over 30 years of experience, Natralight is the go to place for rooflights and structural glazing. Whether you are a property owner, architect or designer, we can provide you with high quality boxed rooflights as well as a host of other glazing options. To find out more about our products and services, contact us today to speak to one of our highly knowledgeable team. We can discuss the design and construction of your boxed rooflight in addition to also answering any questions that you may have regarding the product itself, bespoke options and the installation process.