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The Many Uses of Frameless Structural Glass

The Many Uses of Frameless Structural Glass

For designers looking to modernise their property, implementing structural glass into multiple areas of the home is always a smart choice.

Natralight are not just specialists in rooflights, we also offer a host of glazed solutions for domestic and commercial properties such as glass balustrades.

Defining Structural Glazing

Structural glass refers to a frameless assembly of glass with a portion of the structural load taken by the glass itself rather than by its supporting frame.

Frameless structural glazing creates brighter enclosed areas with a clearer view into and out of this space, with a feeling of lightness compared to larger conventional types of structure such as a concrete wall.

In our latest blog, we are going to look at a number of areas where you can use structural frameless glazing.

Areas You Can Assemble Structural Glazing

Here are a handful of creative ways to makeover your home with creative glazing -

Glass Floors - Adding glass floors to your property offers more natural light into the room below and helps temperature control both rooms.

Frameless Glass Roofs and Rooflights - Rooflights, much in the same way as glass floors will bathe your rooms in sunlight, helping again to temperature control your rooms and save you money on energy bills.

Glass Balustrades and Staircases - Instead of opting for standard wooden staircases, adding glass balustrades to your home gives it a sleek and modern feel.

Structural glass has an additional thickness and strength when compared to conventional, framed glass assemblies which are formed using toughened or laminated glass. 

Masters of Frameless Structural Glass

We hope that this post has given you the inspiration to transform the look of your home as summer approaches.

If you are considering frameless structural glass for your home, please get in touch with Natralight and we can offer advice on what products will work best on your property.

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