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Maintaining Your Rooflights Throughout Autumn

Maintaining Your Rooflights Throughout Autumn

With the temperatures starting to drop as summer fades away, it is important to keep your rooflights looking spectacular.

Luckily, Natralight uses self-cleaning glass for our range of skylights and if you have never heard of this before we are going to explain it plus other maintenance tips in this blog.

What is Self-Cleaning Glass?

Self-cleaning glass is a coating which is applied to the glass which has an organic compound, using natural daylight to break down dirt.

The glass' chemical coating reacts to sunlight and oxidises organic material on the glass. Whatever is left after this happens is simply washed away by rainwater. When rain hits the glass it runs off more easily and typically does not form droplets on the glass.

Self-cleaning glass tends not to be chosen for flat roofs or windows with only a slight pitch. This is because the window needs to be set with a minimum pitch of 30 degrees for the organic material to be washed off.

Please note if specific cleaning procedures for self-cleaning glass are not followed, you could damage your glazing beyond repair and void its warranty.  

If you do decide to clean your rooflights on occasion, do not do any of the following -

  • Don't use soap that has any type of dye in it
  • Do not use any type of abrasive cloth
  • Use purified water (if possible)
  • Finally, do not use squeegees

How To Check for Leaks 

Newer model rooflights have a tendency not to leak, but we do understand this can happen sometimes. 

There are various causes of leaking from rooflights, but not all of them are related to the actual installation. Causes of leaks can be due to condensation in the room, wear and tear to your roof plus faulty flashing around the skylight. 

The other reason that your rooflight has not been closed properly. While all of these possibilities can be identified, the most likely reason for a leak is fault roof flashing. 

Natralight use a powder-coated aluminium capping system on the outside of our roof lanterns, where very little timber is exposed to the elements. We do recommend a repaint every 5 years to maintain its quality. 

Check Your Glass 

Although rooflights are double-paned there is the possibility of the glass inside or out being cracked. Naturally, a falling tree, branches blown in the wind or masonry sliding from a higher point on the roof, all can cause a degree of damage. 

Flat roof skylights are most susceptible to this sort of event. 

Damage to your glass is not just unsightly but once its structural integrity is compromised, even the smallest chink will lead to more leaks. 

Smaller fractures can be repaired on-site but something more substantial will need a new pane of glass. 

Gear and Motor Check 

Some of the skylights installed by Natralight can be opened to allow for fresh air circulation. They can be manual or motor-operated, depending on their height and accessibility. 

The mechanism that is used to open the window will also need to be maintained on a regular basis. If it jams or becomes harder to work you will be able to gauge by its motion whether there is an issue with the mechanism. 

In this instance, it is best to call the experts at Natralight to fix the problem.

Understanding Roof Flashing 

This is the natural deterioration of a rooflight which is one of the biggest causes of leaks. It is extremely important to make sure the flashing is in a good condition. 

 The term 'flashing' is used to describe waterproof material installed above a structure or joint in the roof, with its job being to prevent water from flowing from the outside in. 

Without roof flashing, rainwater would work its way into every corner of your home from between the roof tiles, the joints in the chimney and around windows and roof lights. 

It goes without saying that flashing should be checked regularly by an expert. 

Need More Information? Get in Touch

If you need any more advice about maintaining your roof and skylights, please do not hesitate to contact us today. 

Natralight offers the widest range of variations of rooflights to customers across the country, with over 30 years of experience in the business.