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Let Light In This Spring With A Structural Glass Roof

Let Light In This Spring With A Structural Glass Roof

Spring is almost upon us, and we think we speak for most people when we say we can’t wait for those brighter and warmer days. However, with most of us spending more and more time at home recently, you may be wondering how to make the most of the weather when it comes around. 

By introducing one of Natralight’s structural glass roofs to your property, you can start to flood rooms with beautiful, uplifting natural light. In today’s blog, we’re going to explore this subject in more depth, and explain how a structural glass roof could transform your property. 

Increase Your Mental Wellbeing

Multiple studies have come out to say that exposure to natural light can help to boost your mood and reduce stress levels. This is suggested to be down to our brains producing more serotonin, which is the mood boosting chemical. It’s also suggested that natural light can improve our productivity, which could be something increasingly beneficial as many of us are working from home. With the winter blues being at their peak at the moment, why not consider making a change that will fill your life with this positive influence?  

Adding a structural glass roof can do just that, and give you all of the benefits that natural light brings, from the comfort of your own home. 

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Not only can a structural glass roof boost your mood, but it can also have a great impact on your energy efficiency levels. Here at Natralight, our structural glass is frameless meaning that it can be as thick as you like and perfect for insulation. It is also thermally efficient, meaning that you don’t have to worry about measuring its U-values like you would with other glazing. 

Whilst we understand that it can seem a large initial cost, a structural glass roof can be a worthwhile investment for both your wellbeing and reducing future energy bills. 

What Can A Structural Glass Roof Be Used For? 

Here at Natralight, we’ve installed a wide variety of structural glass roof projects onto a wide array of buildings. Whether its a domestic or commercial property, our designers can work with you to create a bespoke design perfect for your building. As house and land prices have risen, we have found that adding structural glass roof lights can be an elegant solution to maximise the available space. 

As our designers will work alongside you to design your structural glass roof, the possibilities are endless. In the past, we’ve seen them used to light up family rooms, studies, offices, shops, warehousing, schools, colleges and universities. One exciting option to take into account for the Spring and Summer, is tailoring your new glass features to include access to a roof terrace. These can also be made into load bearing units that you can walk and drive on. When it comes to choosing the specification of glass, you’ll also have three options to choose from that can offer different benefits:

  • Solar Control Coatings - Intended to prevent the room from overheating on those sunny days
  • Laminated Glass - Used to change the colour of the material and increase the load-bearing capabilities of the glass
  • Heated Glass - This type of glass uses electricity to heat the glass, allowing it to melt away snow, eliminate condensation and provide another heat source in the house. 

Why Choose Natralight For Your Structural Glass Roof? 

Here at Natralight, we’ve been providing the highest quality structural glass roof lights alongside the highest quality service standards for over thirty years. With this experience and our commitment to keep improving our customer experience, you can trust us to work with you to achieve your dream roof light. 

Thanks to our in house CAD design team and a variety of bespoke features to choose from, we’re always excited to hear about new projects, no matter what building they’re for or industry they’re in. 

If you’re interested in collaborating with Natralight or simply have a few questions that you would like answering, get in touch. Our friendly and experienced team are trained to be able to help you throughout the whole installation. Alternatively, further information on our product range can be found online and more articles like this one can be found in our blog