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Inverleith Place - Edinburgh

Inverleith Place - Edinburgh

Natralight were delighted to collaborate with homeowners on the installation of sliding rooflights on a property in Inverleith Place in Edinburgh.

This area of the Scottish capital is considered quite affluent, with many property owners looking to expand their homes. The remit for this installation was to provide electrical operated access to a flat roof terrace.

The full sliding rooflight also gives the occupants the benefit of flooding the room below with plenty of natural light.

Typically when our team of specialists are asked to install this type of rooflight on a home, it is used as a skylight for a kitchen or an indoor swimming area. In both cases this is a great way to temperature control the room and bring some of the outside inside.

Sliding Skylights Options

Here at Natralight, we offer three different types of sliding skylights for our customers to choose from, each with their own benefits.

Bi-parting Sliding Skylights - Bi-parting sliding skylights maintain a slim and compact profile which makes them ideal for tighter spaces. They are also extremely popular for roof terrace access.

Half-sliding Skylights - Our half-sliding skylights comprise of two glass panels with one sliding over the other which opens up your roof and provides ventilation.

Full-sliding Skylights - A full sliding skylight gives you a complete solution to ventilate your home plus you get plenty of natural light. You can also add extras such as a remote opening which allows you a more convenient installation.

Whilst all of these types of skylights have their own features, we can discuss bespoke options if you are looking for a specific modification.

Get in Touch for More Information

If you would like to know more about Natralight’s range of sliding rooflights, please contact us today.

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