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Understanding the Importance of Natural Light

Understanding the Importance of Natural Light

Installation of skylights into your home or business is the best way to maximise the amount of natural light coming into the building.

Natralight is the UK’s leading provider of rooflights and fire-rated roof glazing, with our portfolio a mix of domestic and commercial properties across our four decades in business.

In our latest blog, we are going to look at an accreditation relating to the number of sunlight buildings require. 

Comply with Building Standards with Skylights

At the end of 2018, the British Standard EN 17037:2018 was released; this relates to the amount of daylight in buildings. This accreditation encourages building designers to analyse day-lit spaces in buildings and ensure they are compliant. 

This gives designers the opportunity to focus on a building’s daylighting objectives plus tackling other issues related to daylight design, such as view out, protection against glare and exposure to sunlight. 

The document also details how daylighting provides lighting within interiors and how you can limit glare. Daylighting is the practice of efficient design, which includes the positioning of -

  • Windows
  • Skylights
  • Reflective surfaces (such as glass and marble flooring)

All of these surfaces allow the flow and capture of sunlight within a building, which in turn reduces the use of artificial light and helps realise the full thermal capabilities of the building plus introduce potential savings on energy.

The wellbeing benefits of natural light are compelling, from the boost of vitamin D to your system to warding off seasonal depression or improving sleep patterns – having more glazing in your property is a smart choice for the health of you and your family or colleagues.

Your Choice of Rooflights at Natralight

Natralight isn’t your average glazing installers, with an unmatched variety of rooflight options to choose from.

We have half sliding rooflights for access to roof spaces, fixed flat rooflights to increase natural light into any property, walk-on glass rooflight which look stunning plus they flood the room below with sunlight. 

If you are looking for alternative options, we have a pyramid or curved skylights or lean-to glazing, which is perfect for conservatories and home extensions.

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