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How Are Fire Rated Rooflights Tested?

How Are Fire Rated Rooflights Tested?

Here at Natralight, we work with Warringtonfire to ensure that all of our Fire-Rated Rooflights are produced to the highest industry and safety standards. Warrington Fire is one of the leading fire safety companies and thanks to our fire testing process, you can rely on us to provide the highest quality fire rated products. Ever wondered how we test our rooflights? Here is our guide to our fire testing process. 

How Does Natralight’s Fire Testing Process Work? 

In order to put our glass and framing to the test, they are installed into a test furnace and a flame is introduced to imitate a real fire. In order to get an integrity rating, the temperature of the glass is measured for as long as the glass remains intact with its frame. From these results, the glazing will be given a fire rating of between 30 and 60 minutes integrity. 

What is an integrity rating? 

Integrity ratings are what help us to understand how long a piece of glass can prevent the spread of a fire and any hot gases brought with it. It is calculated based on how long the glass remains in situ in its frame or fixings during a fire. Here at Natralight, all of our 30 - 60 minute integrity and insulation fire-rated roof lights are thoroughly tested. 

What is a fire insulation rating? 

During our testing period, our glass is also put to the test to prove its insulation rating is safe enough for our customers. To do this, we have to check if the glazing limits the temperature on the non-exposed side of the glazing to anything below an average of 140C or less than 180C in one single position. 

Can I Not Just Use An Alternative To Fire Rated Glass? 

When buying for safety, we strongly advise against looking for alternatives to the tested, classified, fire rated glass. Safety glass doesn’t provide the same level of protection and so we would advise against using any form of toughened glass as an alternative. It’s simply not manufactured to withstand the same temperatures as fire rated products.

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Having completed projects with fire rated Rooflights in multiple locations, including London and Birmingham, you can rely on Natralight to fulfill your project to the highest standard. If you’re considering us for an upcoming project, please contact us. Alternatively, you can check out our guide to fire rated glazing for a more in depth look at the product. With fire rated rooflights, we recommend letting us know that you’re looking to specify them as soon as possible, in order to factor it into the design. 

At Natralight, our in house team has been expertly trained to be able to assist in every stage of the installation process. With over 30 years of experience in natural lighting and glazing you can rest assured that your project will be in good hands.