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The History of Curved Glass Rooflights

The History of Curved Glass Rooflights

Curved glass rooflights from Natralight are one of the most innovative ways to flood any room in your home with natural light.

The process of creating high-quality curved glass has evolved over the years, with research and development from manufacturers (like ourselves!) constantly going on to create the best product for various uses.

Here at Natralight our curved glass range of rooflights can be provided as either fixed or slide opening for ventilation.

In our latest blog, we are going to talk about the process of bending glass to help make curved rooflights.

Six Steps to Creating Curved Glass Rooflights

1. Firstly the flat glass is heated to over 360 degrees until it’s red hot.

2. The glass is then moved within the furnace into the bending station, where it’s bent to its target radius

3. The glass can be twisted into the direction that the glass flows, this is sometimes referred to as lengthwise bending

4. Another method is crosswise bending where glass is bent crosswise across the glass flow

5. Bent glass is tempered by cooling to trap high energy forces within the glass

6. Finally, the bent and tempered glass will be taken out of the furnace

The ability to curve and temper glass at the same time has helped to take glass to a more advanced level, adding considerable value to products such as rooflights.

Curved glass is an architectural statement for any building it's installed in, bringing elegance and energy to its surroundings.

Experts in Curved Glass Rooflights

For over 30 years Natralight has been innovators in different types of rooflights including curved, lean-to, flat-fixed and boxed ranges.

We are constantly developing our products including retractable duo sliding rooflights like the ones we recently installed at Wetherspoons in Dublin.

If you’d like to know more about our curved glass rooflights please get in touch today.