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Your Guide to Frameless Glass Rooflights

Your Guide to Frameless Glass Rooflights

While many frameless glass rooflights come in 'one size fits all'; Natralight is able to offer different sizes for different specifications.

Getting the right unique flat roof window for your property is crucial, as once installed it will last for many years with minimal upkeep.

The standard features of many frameless skylight products include easy or self-cleaning glass, being thermally broken, a curved profile and being heat soak tested; just to name a few.

Natralight offer double and triple glazed units, depending on your preference.

Considerations for Frameless Glass Rooflights

Clients need to consider the positioning of their flat roof light, regarding the impact of the sun. If the skylight installation receives plenty of sunshine, it is advisable to consider 'solar control' glass to prevent the property overheating on warm days.

You could also consider specifically tinted glazing to help reduce direct sun glare, which also gives your skylight a touch of class too.

If your rooflight is positioned in a dark or shaded area then it could be sensible to specify 'low iron' glass. Standard glazing has a slightly 'green' tint' but specifying 'low iron' glass allows more light to enter the room which is handy if your rooflight does not get much direct sunshine.

Finally, you can also specify super-insulated pre-fabricated kerb. Building regulations now require that insulated upstand be incorporated into the final heat loss calculations. The kerb becomes part of the 'developed area' because it is deemed part of the product when supplied by the roof light supplier.

This gives you better heat insulation level, and in turn, complies with and exceeds Building Regulation requirements for heat loss.

Get in Touch for More Information

If you have any questions about Natralight’s range of frameless glass rooflights, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our expert installation team can provide rooflights for properties all over the country.