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Dynamic Flat Fixed Rooflights Enhance Garden Rooms

Dynamic Flat Fixed Rooflights Enhance Garden Rooms

Flat fixed rooflights are a great way to create a dynamic feature in your brand new garden room extension.

Here at Natralight we are always looking to use the latest glazing research and development in our designs and creating unique rooflights for our customers.

Extend in Style with Flat Fixed Rooflights 

Garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular for home extensions, giving you a host of options that you can use the extra space for.

Here we are going to look at some choices and how rooflights will take them to the next level.

Home Office

If you run your own business or work from home a lot, having a dedicated space for work will help you maintain a work-life balance.

Rooflights will give this room three times as much light as regular windows and with plenty of natural light helping you keep focused. This will also help to control the temperature of the room which will save you money during winter.

Kitchen Extension

You can never have too much space in your kitchen, so if you’re a top chef or budding baker extending your kitchen with a garden room is a no brainer. Modern homeowners are looking for large, bright and airy cooking areas where you can still interact with the family.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, we can offer flat fixed rooflights in any shape you wish.

Having either one of these types of extension will also significantly increase the value of your home if you decide to sell up and move elsewhere.

Transparent Designs of Flat Fixed Rooflights

We are completely transparent about the entire construction process with our customers, plus our design team will work with you to make sure we get your glazing spot on, which translates into a seamless installation process.

You can also choose from these different types of glazing –

  • Single mono pitch
  • Dual pitch 
  • Double glazed
  • Triple Glazed

Get in Touch to Discuss Flat Fixed Rooflights

Boasting over three decades of experience Natralight is your only choice for the finest range of bespoke flat fixed rooflights for any type of property. We have installed many flat fixed rooflights in London, across the UK and Europe.

We’ve worked with domestic and commercial clients with stunning results showing that glazing is one of the first specifications for new builds and refurbishments.

If you’d like to know more about our range of flat fixed rooflights, please contact us today.