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First Choice for a Structural Glass Roof

First Choice for a Structural Glass Roof

A structural glass roof will allow additional light and ventilation into your property. With many types of structural glass roof available from Natralight, we have a roof option for you. In many cities and urban areas there is little or no space available to extend your property. A structural glass roof could be the way to make that value adding improvement to your home or work premises.


Structural Glass Roof Solutions from Natralight

We are having to become more inventive with our property improvements nowadays.

Where space is at a premium a structural glass roof can open an existing room by allowing greater access to natural light. It is a common architectural practice to maximise space through the clever use of glazing. Allowing natural light to flow into a room is uplifting and promotes a positive feel to the space.

Structural glass roof options include:

Lean-To Glazing – A popular choice with specially designed and manufactured Corner Lean-To and Lean-To Roof Lights.

Walk On Roof Light – Ideal for when you have a roof terrace built on top of a first storey flat roof. These roof lights allow natural light into the room below while being strong enough to walk on above.

Box Type Access Rooflight – Access your roof terrace with this structural glass roof. This glass cube enables the stairway and handrail to extend to the opening. It can be opened electronically to allow full open air access.

Browse our full range of structural glass roof products or see our case studies for inspiration.

Choose Natralight for Your Structural Glass Roof

Natralight has a full range of structural glass roof solutions for you to choose from. You have a choice of off the shelf products or we can design and manufacture something bespoke.

Would you like to know more about our structural glass roof products and services? Please contact us today!