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Extend your Home with Lean to Glazing

Extend your Home with Lean to Glazing

If you have decided that 2020 is the year that you extend your property, adding lean-to glazing to a conservatory will inject some modernism to the design.

Natralight offer lean-to roof installations for properties right across the country, which will flood your property with natural light.

We give you the choice of two different types of lean-to glazing, each with their own unique set of qualities.

The Advantages of Corner Lean-to Roofs 

The glazed box style rooflight offer enhanced ventilation and more natural lighting to the interior of properties. 

Equipped with an ultra-slim aluminium frame this is a modern alternative to the traditional glass roof for conservatories.

Here are three reasons why you should choose corner lean-to glazing -

Different glazing options available from Natralight

Less frame means more sky

Superb thermal insulation qualities

Lean-to Rooflights from Natralight

Our range of lean-to rooflights is specially designed and made to measure using glass to glass joints. Using structural silicone bonding techniques eliminate the use of traditional aluminium glazing bar supports. 

In other conventional aluminium roof systems, the base of the glass units and rafters are left exposed where they sail over the guttering which results in extremely poor insulation. You will also have a higher risks of condensation forming internally on the bottom of the glass units. 

These issues are eliminated by our lean-to rooflight system as the rafters and the base of the glass units remain insulated within our roof beam structure which makes for a superior insulated roof. 

Lean-to glazing also perfectly complements existing kitchens and dining areas which will make your home more energy efficient with greater use of solar power instead of electrical lighting.

Want to Know More? Get in Touch Today

If you would like to know more about either of our lean-to glazing options, please contact us today.

Using the latest CAD software we will design, manufacture and install roof glazing that will transform your property and add significant value.