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Electrically Operated Rooflights Support Hospice

Electrically Operated Rooflights Support Hospice

Natralight recently installed module glazing plus electrically operated opening vents at the St. Luke’s Hospice in Basildon, Essex.

Our installation team has a rich vein of experience when it comes to working in London and we were more than happy to enhance the facilities of this important charity.

St. Luke's Hospice is a charity that provides compassionate care to people whose illnesses are no longer curable.

For this post, we will explain how our rooflights have improved the building and their many benefits.

Why Are Rooflight Vents So Important?

Fresh air is crucial for any living or working space as natural daylight, which is why our vented range of skylights can be customised to suit any requirement.

The main advantage of electric skylights is that they can be automatically closed at the first sight of rainfall. Consider electrically vented skylights are a kind of passive air conditioner, through the chimney or exhaust effect they create, the warm air is drawn up through the venting skylight which provides a cooling effect and fresh air throughout the building.

What is the Difference Between Electrical and Manual Rooflights?

The manual version of skylights is sometimes referred to as simply vented roof lights, which offer fresh air on-demand. During warmer months, when a rooflight can bring in too much sun, venting skylights can be opened to release any heat or moisture.

Those that are installed 'in reach' are usually the best location for a manually vented roof light.

Unlike the electronic version, manually vented skylights can be accidentally left open which can allow rain to enter your home or business.

Got Any Questions? Contact Us Now

If you have any questions about electrically-operated or manually vented rooflights, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Natralight today.

Our team of specialists have over 30 years of experience in providing structural glass and roof lights for residential and commercial properties all over the country.