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Do I Need Planning Permission For Natralight Rooflights?

Do I Need Planning Permission For Natralight Rooflights?

Whether you have to undergo a planning process is always a big worry whenever you want to make a change to your property. As it can be easy to get lost in information, we’ve put this guide together to walk you through the process. 

For Rooflights, Often Not

Permitted Development rules allow for roof alterations and so usually, you wouldn’t need planning permission. However, there are of course, some exceptions. Whatever you alter on the roof must not be more than 150mm from the existing roof plane and it must not be higher than the highest part of the roof. Also, any side facing windows must be obscure-glazed and any opening should be 1.7m above the floor. If you have a flat, a house that's undergone a change of use, or a building that isn’t a home, there could be other regulations that may apply. You may also also fall under strict planning permission if you’re working within a listed building or conservation area. Each Local Planning Authority will deal with planning requests in a different manner and so it’s important to check if what you’re doing is ok before you start any work. 

Unsure? Speak to a Professional

As the rules can be complicated and change on a case to case basis, it’s important to consult the right people. If you have an architect, they will be able to help. If not, get in touch with another expert like ourselves. Here at Natralight, we’re committed to making our customer experience as enjoyable as possible. That’s why we’ve trained our in-house staff to be able to guide you through the whole installation process, answering any of your queries along the way. If you do have any questions regarding planning permission in your area, please do get in touch. 

Rooflights with Natralight

Here at Natralight, we have a variety of rooflight options available for your next project. With box-type, flat fixed, curved glass, fire-rated, sliding rooflights and pyramid & lantern available, you shouldn’t struggle to find the right one for you. As well as our off-the-shelf products, we also have the capability to produce bespoke rooflights to suit your needs exactly. Our expert technicians use 2D and 3D computer aided software in-house to design the wow factor piece that you’ve always dreamt of.

For more information, you can browse our full range of products online. If you would like to discuss customising these, or a more bespoke project, our team would love to hear from you. Based in the Midlands, Natralight is well placed to carry out projects nationwide.