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Design Considerations for Structural Glass Balustrades

Design Considerations for Structural Glass Balustrades

Using glass and steel within building constructions has become a telltale sign of the modern built environment. This combination of materials promotes positive aesthetics plus the large glass panels maximise light with internal areas as well as being functional.

For this blog, Natralight will explain some of the design considerations when installing structural glass balustrades on your property.

Strong and Durable Structural Glass Balustrades

Toughened glass is the best choice for balustrade projects because of its strong and durable properties. 

Featuring a strengthening interlayer within the glass panes, the structure of the glass is kept intact should it be smashed or compromised. This is particularly important for frameless balustrades where no handrails are incorporated.

To complement the glass panels, stainless steel is the best material to use because of its high structural integrity, outstanding material performance, mechanical functionality and great hygienic qualities. 

Specifications for Glazed Balustrades

The UK Building Regulations Approved Document K for the Protection from Falling, Collision and Impact plus BS 6180:2011 Barriers in and about buildings makes sure that glass balustrades are specified to the required conditions.

The aim of a glazed balustrade is to provide a protective barrier against a change in floor level or a drop.

For residential properties, a glass balustrade is needed when the difference in floor level is greater than 600mm. For non-residential properties, the criteria are when the floor level change is more than 380mm or on staircases with more than two levels.

These regulations also state that the balustrades must be a certain height in order to provide sufficient protection.

Balustrades installed in internal areas such as staircases, mezzanine floors and ramps require a height of 900mm, whereas glazed balustrades in external areas like balconies and external staircases require a height of 1100mm.

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