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Customising Structural Glass With Natralight

Customising Structural Glass With Natralight

With Natralight, structural glass options come with a wide variety of customisation options to ensure that you’re left with an amazing installation that you’re proud of. From matching your desired colour with powder coating to specialist glass coatings, you’re guaranteed a high level of versatility with our range.

Five Ways To Customise Your Glass

Powder Coating

Here at Natralight, we can match any standard RAL colour when producing your frames using our powder coating service. 

Heated Glass

Looking to combat snowy weather and condensation this winter? Look no further than our heated glass option. Powered by electricity, your structural glass will have no problem staying warm, and neither will you. 

Laminated Glass

We’ve discussed how you can change the colour of your frames. However, you can also customise the colour of your glass. Through adding a coloured interlayer to your glazing, you shouldn’t have any problems fitting our glass into whatever you had planned. 

Solar Control 

Trying to avoid having a stuffy room prone to overheating? Our Solar Control Coatings could help by controlling the solar gain of your windows. Start to enjoy those sunny days and the natural light that they bring without having to worry about overheating. Our coating is completely transparent and will effectively reflect the sun’s heat from the glass. 

Level of Glazing

With Natralight’s bespoke structural glass options, you can choose between either double or triple glazed glass, depending on your budget. 

Get In Touch To Design Your Structural Glass Today

Here at Natralight, our in house teams are fully qualified to help you through every stage of the installation. Thanks to this, and over 30 years of experience providing bespoke structural glass, we feel confident that we could supply you with the highest level of customer service. 

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch regarding an upcoming project, please contact us.