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Curved Glass Rooflights Instantly Modernise Your Home

Curved Glass Rooflights Instantly Modernise Your Home

Curved glass rooflights manufactured by Natralight will completely change the look of your rooms and modernise your property.

Our innovative team of designers can offer curved rooflights in a fixed or slide opening for ventilation – the choice is yours!

The curved shape design allows rainwater to drain off easily and proves popular with loft conversions plus any flat roof surface.

Adding glazing to a low ceiling you can make it seem higher plus the sight of the sky gives the illusion of being part of an outdoor space. 

Areas That Benefit from Curved Glass Rooflights

Let your plants shine

It’s not just humans who thrive on natural light from curved glass rooflights, if you’ve got indoor plants they will also flourish if placed strategically underneath the glazing feature.

Bedrooms and other living spaces

Even if your room has a lot of windows already, adding a rooflight gives it an extra dynamic and will ensure extra light floods in from above as well as the sides.

Cooking in the Sunshine

Depending on the position and size of your kitchen adding rooflights will give the space more natural light and make any daytime cooking and baking more pleasant.

Completing your Garage Conversions

Converting your garage into a room is another way to create space in your property instead of looking for a bigger home elsewhere. Adding rooflights to the design specification is sure to turn heads and impress visitors.

Curved Glass Rooflights – Architectural Statements 

Curved glass rooflights are becoming one of the most popular choices for roof glazing whilst also being an architectural statement amongst design conscious homeowners.

We all want to have a Grand Designs style home and curved rooflights are just one of the ways we can help you achieve this.

Speak to the Curved Glass Rooflight Specialists

Natralight are based in the West Midlands but we have completed a host of stunning projects right across the country including London.

If you’d like to know more about our range of curved glass rooflights please contact us today.