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What Are Considerations for Rooflights?

What Are Considerations for Rooflights?

Once you have decided to have rooflights installed on your property, there are a number of factors to take into consideration.

Natralight is the leading supplier of skylights for domestic and commercial properties right across the country, including high profile areas such as Westminster.

6 Factors to Think About

Here are the common factors to think about -

  • The orientation of the house and where the sun path is
  • Privacy
  • The view 
  • The height of a rooflight plus access for opening, cleaning and maintenance 
  • The amount of glazing in relation to space
  • Whether your rooflight will be carrying any loading, such as people walking across it

Consider what type of roof your glazing is being on or in. Is it a flat roof or pitched? And, if it is pitched, at what angle?

An initial discussion with our team of specialists will help us gain a shared understanding of your requirements, plus ensuring all the dimensions match up. 

Whether your roof window will be fixed or openable is also worth considering as there are usually limits regarding size of an electronically openable window. 

Also, are there any planning permission or permitted development issues that could affect your choice? You will not need to apply for Planning Permission to re-roof your house or inserting rooflights. This is because Permitted Development rules allow for roof alterations. 

There are certain limits and conditions with houses, such as no alteration will project more than 150mm from your existing roof plane or be higher than the current roof. Any side-facing windows need to have obscured glazing with any opening 1.7m above the floor.

So don’t forget all of these factors when considering the installation of skylights on your property.

Talk to The Rooflights Specialists

If you are thinking about flooding your property with more natural light, get in touch with Natralight for a no-obligation quote on any type of rooflights.