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Why You Should Consider Structural Glass Roofs?

Why You Should Consider Structural Glass Roofs?

Structurally glazed roofs have a variety of supporting methods, including glass beams, ornate steel sections or timber that can help bring your design brief to life.

If you are looking for an opening element for your frameless glass roof feature, Natralight offers a range of solutions that can be easily fitted to structural glass roofs. This could be for either venting, access or simply, bringing the outside in. Sliding skylights are also another way to allow ventilation into your property whilst maintaining a minimal frame appearance.

A lot of buildings in larger cities (such as London) are also now making the most of their space on rooftops with the creation of roof gardens and rooftop social spaces. 

Here at Natralight, we work regularly in cities such as London, including recent installations in Westminster and Notting Hill.

What are the Benefits of Structural Glass Roofing?

Adding structural glazing to your property will help to enhance the aesthetic of the building, but they are much more than just a pretty face.

Here are some advantages of structural glass -

  • More flexibility and scope for designers and architects
  • Increase amount of natural light into your property
  • Slimline frames meaning less brickwork
  • Unobstructed views
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Add significant value to your home
  • Bespoke sizes of frames available
  • Increase the energy efficiency of the building
  • It makes your home warmer in winter plus cooler in summer

Bring Your Designs to Life with a Structural Glass Roof

If you are looking to transform your property with a structural glass roof or an extension, please contact Natralight today. Our team has over three decades of experience, meaning we can answer any questions you may have and provide advice on which option would suit your needs. 

Get a better idea of our previous work by browsing our Case Studies portfolio.