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Comparing Structural Glass with Slim Facade Systems

Comparing Structural Glass with Slim Facade Systems

Structural glass from Natralight is a great alternative to the traditional facade system if you are looking to create entire walls of glass.

In most cases, the design of glass walls means the glazing is the most prominent feature of the facade which minimises the framing and uses the largest glass panes as possible.

Structural glass employs high specification glass with bespoke fixing details which can create entire elevations of glass with no visible frame or fixing. 

Here we are going to explore differences between a structural glass facade and a glass elevation made with a slim framed facade system. 

The Differences Between the Systems

The Frame - For structural glass, there is no frame, just a structural silicone seal between any multiple glass units. Slim framed facades have frames that vary between 35mm to 60mm.

Sizes - There is no maximum size for structural glass whereas slim framed facades are usually determined by the glass weight, with a maximum of 400kg per glass pane.

Head and Base Detail - Structural glazing is frameless with each connection designed to the project meaning the head and the base are seamless. Slim framed facades head and base details range from 35mm to 60mm depending on the system you choose.

Corner Connection - Structural glazing can be constructed in any angle possible, with the glass sealed together using structural silicone. Facade systems offer a glass to glass 90-degree corner connection.

Shaped Units - Structural glass is available in any shape, size or curve whereas facade systems allow shallow rakes. 

Glass - Glass for structural units can be any specification with double or triple glazing available for facade systems. 

Transform Your Property with Structural Glass

If you are considering structural glass for your home or property, please contact Natralight now for a competitive quote.

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