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How To Choose the Right Glass for Fixed Flat Rooflights

How To Choose the Right Glass for Fixed Flat Rooflights

With a host of options available on the market today, it can be quite the puzzle to select the best glass for your rooflights project.

You need to consider safety, solar and thermal efficiency plus balancing the initial costs with the potential advantages.

For our latest blog, Natralight is going to look at the different kinds of glass and help you pick the right one for you.

Safety Is Your Priority

Safety needs to be at the top of your list before even considering having overhead glazing installed on your property.

Here is a quick breakdown of the types of glass that complies with building regulations.

Glazing that is above floor level and up to 5 metres requires toughened, laminated or wired glass for single glazing. The inner pane needs to be toughened or laminated double glazing with the upper pane being toughened in both instances.

Glazing above floor level between 5 and 13 metres needs toughened single glazing that is no more than 6mm thick and panes no larger than 3 sq/m with laminated or wired glass. For double glazed units, the inner pane must be toughened or laminated with the upper pane being toughened in either instance. 

For glazing with a height above floor level that is above 13 metres, single glazed units require laminated or wired glass. For double glazing, the lower pane needs to be laminated.

Wired glass is regularly used in combination with double glazing units, but because of the higher risk of damage or breakages through thermal stress, get advice from the sealed unit manufacturer.

Natralight does not recommend using toughened glass in single glazing or to the inner pane of double-glazing units over swimming pools or food and beverage preparation units plus any other area where broken pieces of glass could lead to subsequent injury because of contamination. 

Talk to the Fixed Flat Rooflights Specialists

If you have got any questions about glazing for fixed flat rooflights, please get in touch with Natralight today. We offer a free no-obligation quote on all of our skylights.