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Can My Extension Have a Glass Roof?

Can My Extension Have a Glass Roof?

Connecting your indoor and outdoor living space, an extension allows you to enjoy your outdoors all year round; but can you put a glass roof on top? The simply answer is yes.

A glass roof (or veranda) is a solid investment for your home or business, extending the space and potential use of the room it is coming out of.

Here at Natralight, we are the leading manufacturers of glass roofs and rooflights across the country, with countless projects under our belt. For this post, we will look at glass roofs for extensions and their many advantages.

What Can Glass Extensions Be Used For?

Whether you are cooking, drinking, socialising or just spending some time with the family, it is always better outdoors. 

A glass box extension or conservatory will add a new dimension to your home, and give you a unique Alfresco space you can use, no matter the weather.

What are the Benefits of Glazed Extensions?

  • Use your garden most of the year-round
  • Multiple roof designs are available, including roof lanterns or flat fixed rooflights
  • A sturdy construction
  • Made to withstand the unpredictable British weather
  • Add significant value to your home or business

Choose the Best Glazing For You

Natralight offer three different types of glazing for structural glass roofs -

Solar Control Coatings - Solar control coatings are used for glazed roofs and large glass walls to help control the solar gain plus it will prevent your living space overheating on warm days.

Laminated Glass - Laminates help to increase the load-bearing properties of your glazing but their main purpose is to change the colour of the material.

Heated Glass - Heated glass uses electricity to keep your property warm plus it melts snow and eliminates condensation. This material can also be used as another heat source which is ideal for high ceiling properties.

Get in Touch For More Information

If you have any questions about structural glass roofs, please do not hesitate to contact Natralight today.