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Box-Slider Rooflight Enhances London Home

Box-Slider Rooflight Enhances London Home

Natralight installed a box type sliding rooflight for a large roof terrace of a property in Berkeley Street in central West London.

This double telescopic box slider allows full access to the roof terrace area from a spiral ornate staircase.

The glass box is electrically operated from an open/close switch interfaced with a battery back-up fail-safe system plus a keypad entry, rain sensor and safety edge.

The keypad entry offers enhanced security with the rain sensor ensuring the rooflight is never open during rainy weather, stopping the staircase from getting slippery and dangerous.

Key Features of Box Sliding Rooflights 

Box-slider rooflights from Natralight are installed with a thermally broken framework, offering 50% clear opening to take in those hot summer days.

Their design is tailored towards property owners who regularly use a roof terrace for personal use or social activities.

Using the remote control, your box-sliding rooflight opens with the click of a button increasing the ventilation of your home.

The free-standing box rooflight has been created using an improved framework design, which allows Natralight's team of manufacturers to produce larger sizes without compromising on performance.

Our box-slider rooflights can be manufactured in a variety of configurations, which generally consist of one sliding section of glass moving over a fixed section.

With the specification of glazing used and the physical structure of the design, there is no additional need for balustrades around the rooflight. 

Our box sliders have also had air permeability testing, water tightness and resistance to wind load testing, ensuring they can stand up to any weather.

Rooflights for Any Property from Natralight

If you are considering enhancing your home with a roof terrace, talk to Natralight today about the installation of a box-slider rooflight - the ultimate entrance to a rooftop space.

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