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Where is the Best Place to Install Rooflights?

Where is the Best Place to Install Rooflights?

Glass rooflights from Natralight are available in all shapes and sizes plus they can perform functions such as increased natural light, providing ventilation and in some cases as a way to access an outside space. 

As long as you comply with Building Regulations, skylights can be installed in any part of a domestic building.

Having said this, it is worth thinking about why you want glass rooflights in the first place and ensure you get the most from your investment. How will the room with rooflights be used? 

In this post, we are going to look at a number of areas in your home and how skylights can be used to maximise the room's appeal. 

Lounges and Sitting Rooms

There are not too many things to concerned about for this kind of installation, as generally speaking, these areas are well ventilated and do not contain high levels of moisture so you won't have to worry about condensation.

The lounge or sitting room is more frequently used because a lot of us watch television there, which will benefit from direct sunlight. A rooflight allows natural light into the room but you will need to be careful where this is installed in relation to your TV and soft furnishings. This is because it could restrict the view of the television plus it can cause fabrics to fade. 

If the room is south facing and gains a large amount of sunlight in the summer, then you could consider a higher specification solar control glass which reduces solar gain. 

Kitchen and Dining Area Skylights

Depending on your interior decoration and fittings, kitchens will sometimes appear slightly darker than other rooms which means there is an increased risk of condensation. These could build up on cold surfaces when cooking; especially where poor cross ventilation is present.

If cross ventilation is sufficient and cooking areas have a good method of extraction then fixed rooflights will naturally light up worktops and food prep areas such as kitchen islands. 

If cross ventilation is an issue, you could look at a ventilation rooflight which can improve this plus increase the amount of natural daylight flooding into your room. A sliding rooflight is a great choice for ventilating rooms plus it connects eating areas to the outdoors in the summer.

A lot of people consider lantern rooflights directly above the dining table, making it a central focal point and a means of lighting the area. This area of your home will often be used as a communal space for people to have a drink while reading the paper or where your kids do their homework.

Bedroom Skylights

Any type of skylight can be installed above a bedroom, but if you simply use this room to sleep you can consider blackout blinds in summer unless you enjoy an early start.

Bathroom Skylights

Your bathroom is subjected to higher levels of moisture than other rooms in your house, so condensation will always be important to think about. 

As long as you have effective extraction devices installed then fixed rooflights will not be an issue, although condensation will form on them on really cold days. 

Ventilation skylights can perform well here as they assist with allowing steam from baths and showers to evaporate out of the room. If you decide to have electrically operated skylights make sure you consult Building Regulations with regards to the placement of power supplies and operating switches. 

The other consideration is whether the rooflight will overlook a neighbours property when installed over a bathroom.

Lighting Hallways and Corridors

Skylights are exceptional at lighting up traditionally darker areas of buildings, which could include a manufactured glass ceiling across an entire corridor. 

Terraces and Patios

Rooflights in patios will be installed with the goal of allowing natural daylight to penetrate the room below, such as a converted basement. Often a walk-on glass will be used so the patio can still be fully utilised without compromising any space. 

Roof terraces are another way of increasing usable space in a property, so as well as walk-on glass, some glass skylights can be used to access this space. 

There are a number of products on the market today, including manual access hatches, electrically hinged access roof glazing to fully fledged sliding box skylights which act as a physical structures. They enable the user to press a switch at the bottom of their stairs and walk out of the rooflight at the top.

Top Class Rooflights Installations 

If you have any questions about rooflights and the best place to install them on your property, please do not hesitate to contact Natralight now.

Also read our Testimonials section to give you a better idea of the quality of our previous work across the country, including places such as Westminster.