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Getting the Best Out of Rooflights from Natralight

Getting the Best Out of Rooflights from Natralight

Here at Natralight, we offer a wide range of rooflights that fit perfectly into a wide range of properties right across the country.

We work regularly on high profile buildings including parts of London including Westminster plus we’ve recently done projects for Wetherspoons over in Ireland.

The Benefits of Rooflights

To help you see the benefits of roof lights we’ve listed just some of the advantages below -

Hide the frame – Our frameless systems will make it look like its opening directly to the sky and infuse even the smallest space with wonder.

Think Bigger – Often rooflights are employed as small interventions into larger spaces. By installing larger skylights you will add more lighting into smaller spaces.

Using self-cleaning glass is another great time saver and lower the time required to maintain and clean them with dirt being washed away by rain.

Rooflights as design elements – Having rooflights in your property adds more intrigue to your building and create a building statement that will impress guests and neighbours marrying the architecture with a natural light source.

Location, Location, Location – Choosing the best location on your roof is key to unlocking a skylights full potential. North facing roof lights offers the most even indirect light whereas East facing roof lights give your property intense early morning light with the light for the remainder of the day similar to a north-facing lights

South-facing glazing will be intense and bright with potential to overheat spaces, although this does help to heat a North-facing home in the winter. Similar to the south-facing rooflights, west-facing roof glazing offers intense and bright light but instead of being in the morning this occurs in the afternoons.

Integrating into Your Property – Before you decide which skylights to have installed on your property you will need to think about how they will integrate into your established home design

Night-time Considerations – Whether you want to stargaze from your bedroom or living room the effect you want to achieve at night-time will help decide which room will best suit this type of glazing.

Suggest Movement – As human beings, we are naturally drawn to light, so rooflights insight movement between spaces horizontally and vertically with pools of light used for circulation zones.

Look at Surroundings – Changing the shape of the walls around your rooflights will create a meaningful and powerful statement. A broader splay to one side allows more light into space below which will be complemented by a lighter colour wall.

Adding Daylight to Private Spaces – Roof lights are one of the best ways to emit more daylight into ‘private’ areas of the home such as the bathroom. The lighting can be ethereal and calming which is perfect for a bathing space.

Order Your Rooflights from Natralight Today

Natralight has been providing the finest selection of roof lights including fixed flat and sliding models to choose from. 

We are based in West Bromwich, West Midlands but are fully equipped to work on projects right across the country. 

Using the latest CAD software our team of designers can work to bespoke guidelines and create glazing that will transform your property.

Please get in touch today with any questions you’ve got about any of our products.

As part of our excellent customer service, we also offer anyone who enquires a free no-obligation quote on all items.