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Silver Penny Wetherspoon Pub, Dublin

Silver Penny Wetherspoon Pub, Dublin

Natralight was commissioned to manufacture a rooflight to help with the launch of the brand new Silver Penny branch of Wetherspoons in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

A total of €4m has been spent on developing the region the pub is located in. While the building the pub is situated in has a rich history filled with landmarks and background that have been implemented in the new pub.

Natralight designed and installed the rooflight that was part of the design specification for the Silver Penny. The pub offers its customers a relaxed vibrant setting that is then amplified by the amount of natural light that our installation allows into the building.

The pub’s layout offers two bars, with a ground floor bar and a gallery placed on the second floor. Other design features include raised ceilings to create more space plus classic details throughout such as an in-depth fireplace.

The Silver Penny also comes equipped with an open roof terrace that is adjoined to the gallery on the first-floor pub. Since opening, the pub has caused quite the stir, creating a new venue within the Republic’s capital that’s already attracting plenty of new customers.

Technical aspects of the project were matched to the client’s specification, with the type of glass used for the rooflight being high energy-saving thermal glass units. The design also matches the comfortable public house environment of the building’s interior.

Retractable Rooflights add more Natural Light

 A duo-pitched fully retractable rooflight was delivered with a glazed area that totalled 40m2, flooding the room below with natural light. Installation took our team two full working days, concluding over a weekend where the surrounding areas of the building’s location were less busy.

The location of the Silver Penny was once part of an old relict church, which has been transformed into a modern-day Wetherspoon’s pub, equipped with modern rooflights. The building is supported with 200-year old timbers that have been left completely untouched, only adding to the traditional essence that the building creates.

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