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Why choose glass roofs for your property

Why choose glass roofs for your property

The first question you should ask is, why should I choose rooflights in the first place?

Understand their appeal and what they offer to your property are important and valuable steps to deciding what kind of roof suits your home or project most. 

Glass Roofs that offer limitless customisability

It is easy to assume glass roofs have limited options - opening or fixed, big or small, however, this couldn't be further from the truth. Glazing technology and production is now so advanced that we are able to design and install this part of your roof with limitless freedom. 

This means your rooflights can be subtle or dramatic, designed to fit into almost any space plus they can be designed in any configuration of opening or fixed functionality. Roofs can slide open, pop up, or pivot, and can be operated manually or remotely. They can also feature almost any kind of glass, including single, double or triple glazing. 

Boost your natural light intake

Plenty of natural light every day helps us to feel our best. Our physical and psychological health depends on a multitude of factors, with natural light being one of the most important. It directly impacts our body's ability to produce Vitamin D, with consistent and regular exposure helping us to control our circadian rhythms. 

 Glazed roofs are one of the best ways to flood your property with natural light. Having a portal to the sky from directly above helps to make an interior space more conducive to wellbeing. 

A true luxury aesthetic 

Glazed roofs also give you the opportunity to add an authentic luxury aesthetic flair to your property. This is often the most compelling proposition for many homeowners. 

Using toughened glass, the completely frameless and seamless designs are evocative of an aspirational lifestyle and will draw almost any eye to the space. Whatever the character of the property, the unobtrusive nature of your glazed roof will make the perfect luxury addition.

Increase property value 

One of the aims of homeowners is to, eventually, make a profit on their homes. Ensuring your property grows in value means adding new features, and what could be more appealing than glass roofs?

While there are no hard and fast calculations to measure potential increases, consulting an architect or specialist will give you a better insight. 

Get in touch with any questions

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